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About Us

Hello. I am Steven Nall, owner and installer for Steve Nall Tile & Installation LLC, a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured company. I will personally install your flooring, while providing you with a trusted and proven professional flooring installer that is qualified and experienced, to work in your home. I have worked in the flooring industry on the Gulf Coast for thirty years as a locally owned small business owner and installer of custom flooring, showers, backsplashes, hardwood, and laminate.

Also, I have been a dedicated advocate of quality, promptness, and service after the sale for all of the clients I have worked with in the past three decades. The main goal of my business is to give my customers a direct line of communication with owner, installer, and if needed a decorator throughout your entire project. The only supervision required is by you, the customer, to work out the details of your project with me, so together, we may build a personable one on one relationship to ensure we have the same goals in mind.

 Since I am a small business, I am able to focus all of my attention toward your project and not be distracted because of jobs overlapping or scheduling issues that are indifferent. I install one job at a time and when I’m done, I go to the next one, therefore, I am able to maintain lower labor costs than the big box stores.

 At Steve Nall Tile & Installation LLC, I have no promotions, no gimmicks, and no sales specials to distract you from receiving honest, dependable, and professional service that you are entitled to when spending your hard earned money on a flooring project. So, with that being said, please call today for your free estimate. We’re just a hand shake away.

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